e learning Classes

We provide e-learning class for smatter technique of education. Our E-learning services have evolved since computers were first used in education. There is a trend to move towards blended learning services, where computer-based activities are integrated with practical or classroom-based situations. E-learning is a new education concept by using the Internet technology, it deliveries the digital content, provides a learner-orient environment for the teachers and students.

The e-learning promotes the construction of life-long learning opinions and learning society. It means: E-learning is a new education concept; it may different from the old educational concept. We should provide a new explanation to this new concept. Delivery of the digital content is the main characters of e-learning. We can tell what is e-learning and what is not.

This definition extends the environment on the Internet. We mean that the Internet provides a learning environment for the students and teachers. This environment is learner-oriented, so we can throw out the thoughts of traditionally teacher-center's instruction in classroom.
As a new concept of education, e-learning gives a condition for us to realize the life-long learning principle and help us to build a more real learning society. As a new education system, it has been developed fast in china, But I think the development progress is different form the western countries. The e-learning plays more in high education for the reason of fast need of high education.