Director's Desk

Dear Parents,
                             By virtue of my position as a director of this pioneer and the prestigious holy kids internationas school,I owe certain obligation and responsibilities.As such with my varied teaching experiences, I have thought it essential to express my personal views related to education. When a stream of wisdom overflows the ocean of the perfection, it brings fundamentals quake in the whole edifice of the character of a student having thirriled to witness the all round development especially in his academic and moral behavior. We all agree that education is something which can metamorphose the life of human beings making them true persons out of animals. Education is the tool can change the life of a brute, by shunning his/her all brutality and barbaric instincts. Really, education is a touch stone which can make iron into gold, To me, education is the art which trains individuals to cope with the diverse situation and helps his/her to excel in to the life of overcoming the obstacles and by making the best use of the available opportunities and resources. Generally the school is a condition to be place where all round development of the child is insured. Here in this premises there would be interaction not only between the parents and teachers. A teacher is expected to possess the ability to perceive drawback of a student appropriate time and short these out carefully and delicately with tender affection to build the nation by little hands. We need your heartiest co-operation and affection to achieve new horizon.

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